Giving Your Word

Giving Your Word

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In the mid 1500s King Henry VIII decided that he wanted a divorce from his first wife Catherine. This divorce would allow him to marry and possibly have male heir with Anne Boleyn. He seeks the approval of his friend and counsellor Sir Thomas More, but More refuses to compromise his convictions and as a result the King has him thrown into Jail. While in Jail his daughter Meg comes to visit him and tells him how much they miss him at home. She pleads with him to just say words and give his approval and the King will let him come home. Mega reminded him of his words that “God looks at the heart” and he can just say the words and not mean them. Sir Thomas More looks at his daughter and said, “Meg, you don’t understand! You don’t understand what it means to give your word.” He said, “When you give somebody your word, it is like taking your life and holding it in your hands. You are cupping your life in your hands when you are giving them your word. And should you let that word fall through, you will look down and not find yourself there.”

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