Accidental Heroes

Jerry Clower

Photo Credit: sparreenger

It had been a long, dry summer when a fire broke out in a shop downtown.  The fire  was blazing and everyone was worried that the it was going to spread and burn down the entire town. So, people began running around desperately looking for water trying to put out the fire. All of the sudden, here comes Uncle Versy, Aunt Pet, and all 12 children flying through downtown in their pick-up truck and they just ran right on up into the building that was on fire.

Everyone jumped out of the truck and went to stomping. Aunt Pet was barking out orders, “Stomp here, now here, over there…” And, before you knew it, they stomped the fire out completely. The mayor of the town was so impressed that he decided to have a public ceremony to honor the Ledbetter family. A donation was collected from the people at the ceremony and $750 was given to the family. The mayor shook Uncle Versy’s hand and gave him the $750 and asked him what he was planning to do with all that money. Uncle Versy got real serious and said, “The first thing I’m gonna do is get the brakes fixed on that truck.”

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